Street 2020 No 1

Street 2020

Grown up in Italy, she has dual nationality Italian and Greek. She lives and works in Brussels since 1982. The themes she develops are communication, action, purpose, exchange of intentions, people in the street coming and going, talking walking, searching a goal. Consequently all subject are mostly around the person, either as a portrait or in group. Even when the person is not represented she tries to give the feeling that it has just gone, or it is about to appear.

nuovo nuovo

Street 3, encaustic, 80 x 100 cm


Back from shopping,  encaustic,45 x 70 cm,

IMG_6630 - Copiexxxq



Street 80cm x 100, beeswax on canvas on panel, collector in Iowa

1Koulouria (2)

Going to the tube station, wax on panel 42 x 42 cm

Good Copie - Copie
Going to town, beeswax on panel, 80cm x120. Sold to collector in Brussels
IMG_2933 (2)
Salle Alliende, ULB, May 2016

Venice Art Factory Oct 2015

Venice, 2016


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