Nationality: Greek and Italian and recently also Belgian.
She studied in Italy. Lived and worked in London and Athens. She has been in Brussels for the past 25 years. During the last twenty years she attended classes with artists like Viviane Cangeloni, Veronique Decoster, Ana Pentcheva, Nikolai Nikolov, and Anne Desobry.

After many years spent using oil paint and pastel, she lately works with beeswax. The technique, called encaustic, goes back to ancient Greeks and Romans. The centre of her work is communication in all its shapes, even in the absence of a human subject.


In and out of my life 80×100 cm, encaustic, 2022




Hong Kong stret market 70×100 cm, encaustic

Hong Kong street market 70×100 cm

Beijing Central Station

Street shopping, wax on canvas on panel, 45 x 70 cm

Walking , encaustic on panel ,100×80 cm, private collection Brussels

Wax and pigment on canvas and panel, 100×80 cm. sold to Iowa collector

42×42 cm

Syntagma Square shopping, 2015, Private collection

Syntagma Square shopping 2, 2015, 42x79cm, private collection

Italian Painter

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