People walking

Good Copie - Copie

Street 1, beeswax on panel , 120 cm x 80 cm, collection in Brussels


80×100 cm, encaustic, sold to collector in Hollywood, USA


detail of above

IMG_6697 - Copy

Walking and talking, 80×100 cm, encaustic, private collection in Brussels


Walking and talking 2, 80×100 cm, encaustic, collection in Iowa

IMG_5876-001 - Copy-001


42×42 cm, encaustic


42×42 cm, encaustic


42×84 cm, encaustic


Crowd 1, 42×42 cm, encaustic

Walking 2, 42cmx70 €700

Ermou street , Athens 2015, 42×70 cm, private collection

Piazza Syntagma (2)

Between shops and metro, Athens 2015, private collection Brussels

6larte (4)

Crowd, 42×42, encaustic, private collection

3 (7)

Walking in Hong Kong, 42×42, encaustic, sold

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